PURINA® PRO PLAN® Vet Nurse Symposium 2024
Empowering the Vet Nurse Journey
Date:  11th December 2024
Time:  From 14.00 to 18.30 (GMT) / 15.00 to 19.30 (CEST)
Location: Virtual
Purina Pro Plan is excited to announce the upcoming PURINA® PRO PLAN® Vet Nurse Symposium 2024, which will be held virtually on the 11th of December. This symposium is a dedicated event for the veterinary nurse community, to recognise their vital role in the pet healthcare industry.
During the symposium, high level key opinion leaders will provide practical insights on key topics that are of interest to veterinary nurses. These topics include:
  •  Adverse food reactions and probiotics: Offering practical insights and guidance on managing adverse food reactions and the use of probiotics in veterinary practice.
  •  Building strong client relationships: Exploring strategies to maintain strong personal and professional connections with clients, including initiating key nutrition conversations and effectively managing potential conflicts.
  •  Promoting mental well-being: Sharing tips and tricks to support the mental wellbeing of veterinary nurses, who play an instrumental role in maintaining the bond between veterinarians and pet owners.
  •  In-clinic tools and resources: Presenting the Purina in-clinic tools designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in daily clinic operations.

We are committed to providing valuable knowledge and resources to empower veterinary nurses in their professional journey.

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